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Dotankovanie : prenajíma sa vozidlo s plnou nádržou. Za chýbajúce pohonné hmoty pri vrátení vozidla sa účtuje poplatok vo výške 1,6 EUR / liter, ktorý zohľadňuje aj firemné manipulačné náklady za dotankovanie.
Terms and conditions
Conditions of car rental
Documents necessary for the conclusion of vehicle rental agreement:
Private individuals:
Natural persons:
Legal entities:
Booking: may be confirmed by telephone or electronically, via the booking form.
Minimum age of driver: 21 years (for commercial vehicles 25 years)
The driver must have a driving license: min. 24 months

Payment Terms:
In case of a cash payment (only by mutual agreement in advance), the client pays an amount for car rental and a returnable deposit depending on the type of vehicle. The deposit serves as a coinsurance in case of lessee’s participation in an accident. Upon return of undamaged vehicle, this deposit will be fully repaid to the client. In case of credit card payments, the client pays an amount for rent and a refundable deposit that we be blocked on his account. We will release the deposit after the return of undamaged vehicle.
Handing over of vehicle by arrival to Slovakia:
I. The vehicle will be handed over to you directly at the airport. If you choose this option, you will be asked to send us your personal information in an e-mail or in a booking form, which are needed for preparation of a car rental agreement.
II. We will pick you at the airport and drive you to our office in Bratislava. Here we will draft the rental agreement and hand over the vehicle to you.
Price differentiation and rental duration:
Price is determined depending on the rental period – as a principle, the longer the lease period, the lower the price. The vehicle can be booked by phone +421904875176 or by completing an electronic on-line form.  
Price for car rental includes:
The vehicle can also be taken over directly at the airport. The vehicle will be standing at the airport and handed over to you. A representative of our company will wait for you even in case of flight delay.

You can pick up a car by mutual agreement outside the opening hours. The vehicle can be taken over during weekdays from 8:00 to 18:00, during weekends and holidays from 10:00 to 18:00, outside the working hours for a fee 15,-EUR incl. VAT.
In case of accident
Vehicles are insured as a standard, with the coinsurance of up to 300 Euro or 10% of the total damage, in case of supplementary insurance this coinsurance is zero, thus no contractual coinsurance applies to the customer by the damage to the vehicle in that case. In the event of a gross violation of car rental conditions, use of narcotic and psychotropic substances, or by obvious violation of the provisions of the Police Decree on road traffic, the car rental may recover the entire damage from the lessee.
Coinsurance by car accident:  Each vehicle has a statutory and accident insurance across the European Union. In case of damage not covered by insurance or when the insurance pay-out or the insurance company do not settle the full damage – the lessee is obliged to settle such damage or other damage resulting to the lessor. The lessee shall always settle coinsurance in the amount specified in the insurance conditions of the insurance company. Coinsurance by an accident, damage to the vehicle caused by own fault or fault of the other is at least 170, - EUR for passenger cars and at least 340, - EUR for commercial vehicles and minibuses, or max. 5% of the total damage to the vehicle, or up to 10% for commercial vehicles and minibuses. Any damage to the vehicle by the lessee must be reported to the relevant Police department of the Slovak Republic, and to the lessor. Surcharge for zero coinsurance for personal vehicles is 5,- EUR/day and for commercial vehicles and minibuses 10,- EUR/day. In the case of long-term lease, the surcharge for zero coinsurance for personal vehicles is 100,- EUR and for commercial vehicles and minibuses 200,- per month.
If you did not cause the accident
In case you did not cause an accident/damage to the vehicle, and you know the party at fault - vehicle is identified in the police accident report, you have data about the party and the accident/damage was duly reported to the police, you will not pay any coinsurance for the accident/damage to the vehicle.
Trip abroad
If you plan to travel with the vehicle, you must notify the lessor that the vehicle leaves the territory of the Slovak Republic. The vehicle can travel throughout Europe, except for the following countries: Ukraine, Romania, Albania, Serbia and Bulgaria.
Refuelling: the vehicle is rented with full tank. You will be charged a fee of 1.6 €/litre for missing fuel by the return of the vehicle, i.e. the corporate handling costs for refuelling.
The fee for the loss of the vehicle's papers: 70,- €
The fee for lost keys from the vehicle: 170,- €
Transport with small sports aircrafts and helicopters
Procuring rental of small luxury motor boats in the EU and acceding countries
Provision of luxury limousine with a professional driver
Our priority is to ensure absolute comfort and safety for you and your closest family for convenient overcoming of distances within the Slovak Republic and the European Union.
Our priority is to ensure absolute comfort and safety for you and your closest family for convenient overcoming of distances within the Slovak Republic and the European Union.
for business meetings, business trips, company parties, weddings, etc.
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